About This Project

Orphan Animal Pics is a project started by Lisa Brideau to connect talented volunteer photographers in Vancouver BC with animal rescue groups. It is our belief that beautiful photos help orphan animals find loving homes. We want to do what we can to get animals out of shelters and into permanent homes where they will be spoiled rotten. Any photographers in the Vancouver, BC area interested in volunteering time to help - please contact Lisa!

About the Photographers

Ben Johnson was the first photographer to partner with me on this adventure, and he captured stunning photos on our first trip out to HomeFinders Animal Rescue. Ben's fantastic photos of his own hilarious cats are what inspired OrphanAnimalPics! Check out Ben's Photo Portfolio website and his Flickr page.

Cindy Hughes responded to my out-of-the-blue email right away to say she was definitely interested in helping. Our first photoshoot was at Katie's Place - a shelter with 80 cats and Cindy took stunning photos of almost all of them in our short visit! Cindy does pet photography as Muddy Love and you should totally hire her.

Jackie Dives does birth & newborn photography as part of her work as a Doula, and I happened to notice she captured the family pets in one of her photoshoots - that's all it takes for me to send an email to see if someone will join me on this project! Fortunately Jackie was game! Check out her blog, photography site, and Doula services.

Tanja Aelbrecht started using her photography skills to help VOKRA on her own - now we work together so I can handle the coordination and she can focus on taking beautiful photos! So far I've coordinated photo shoots with very shy cats for Tanja, making it quite a challenge! Tanja has a ton of paitence! She's also half of Jelger and Tania Photography and she and Jelger work magic together.

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