Avery is an adorable little guy with unique colours -- he's the colour of a creamsicle! He is a little nervous around people so needs some special attention in a home with lots of love and patience. He would love to be adopted with one of his brothers but would be okay on his own as well.

Avery has one eye that doesn't close correctly. The vets can't decide exactly why this is, but it isn't a major health concern. He is otherwise a healthy kitten. Because he can't blink, his eye is at risk of drying out, so he needs to have lubricating eye drops put in his eyes every one to two days. The drops aren't medicated -- they're the kind you buy at the drugstore for people to use as well. You might notice that he occasionally gets a little buildup at the outside of his eye; he needs you to wipe this away with a kleenex (it's just like when people wake up with "sleep" in their eyes, only he can't blink it away himself).

He's a charming tyke that has been patiently waiting for a family of is own - and he'd love to meet you.

avery photo

- Contact: HomeFinders Animal Rescue
- See Avery's online profile

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<i>Photo by Cindy Hughes</i>