ADOPTED!! Azlan is a sweet boy, probably around 10 years old. He was living a rough life behind a bar on Main St. - no place for a handsome long-haired cat! He developed an ulcer in one of his eyes that, unfortunately, wouldn't heal despite treatment and he had to have his left eye removed in 2011. This has healed very well and he is quite happy and doesn't seem to notice!

Azlan is also hyperthyroid, which means he has an overactive thyroid gland. He is currently on an oral medication and doing very well.

For a new family, Azlan's expenses would be periodic blood work to check on his thyroid. Other than that he is a normal kitty and will do great in any home! He loves people, is OK with calm dogs and doesn't really like other cats, but can deal with them if they don't harass him.

HomeFinders would also consider a long term foster for Az, in which case they would continue to support his veterinary needs! Azlan has had a rough past and deserves a comfy home.

- Contact: HomeFinders Animal Rescue
- See Azlan's online profile

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<i>Photo by Ben Johnson</i>