BROKEN-HEARTED JULIETTE DESPERATELY SEEKS ROMEO... actually, seeks anyone willing to provide a loving home!

Juliette is a loving, trusting cat who was left behind by her family and was brought to a shelter by a neighbour. She'll greet a visitor with enthusiasm if she can get them on their own without being crowded by the other cats. She is a gentle, affectionate little girl who deserves a caring forever home. She is such a nice little cat and so pretty with her fine, soft fur and smokey highlights - a real treasure for a new family. A number of volunteers have commented recently on how exceptionally affectionate and loving Juliette has been. 

Juliette suffers from the double whammy of being quiet and black - both things that often mean being overlooked by potential adopters. She needs someone to seek her out and make her dream of a proper, loving home come true!

Juliette photo

- Contact: Katie's Place Animal Rescue
- See Juliette's online profile

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<i>Photo by Cindy Hughes</i>